A great dog life in the Muggengrat in Lech am Arlberg.
Dog services.

Dog Service

Your four-legged friend is welcome to join us. Our „secret“ lady of the house is Luna, a Spinone bitch which goes wonderfully well with other dogs.

Out of consideration for the other guests, who may not be as "dogs love as you", please do not bring your dog into the breakfast room.

On your first visit of your dog, we allow ourselves a deposit of EUR 100, - to demand. If the room is without prejudice to your departure, you will get this back and on your next visit, this is no longer necessary.

Upon request we provide your dog:

  • A dog bed (with a ceiling that is purified naturally after each guest)
  • Feeding and water bowls
  • Dog's bag for big business
  • Towels for "rainy weather"
Unsere beiden Spinone Italiano
Unsere beiden Spinone Italiano Muggengrat Lech
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