…because also your dog likes a holiday with us!

Hundeurlaub auf der Bergwiese

As our motto says

„Holidays for two and four-legged friends“

Your four-legged friend is ❤ly welcome and not just tolerated!

Our house is ideal for taking a vacation with your friend because we are right beside one of the beautiful winter or summer hiking trails in Lech. And (most important) we also love dogs!

Your dog is actually allowed to go anywhere in our house, we only ask you ask the other guests beforehand whether your four-legged companion will not disturb them in the breakfast room.

Lech offers great winter – or summer hiking trails

» Info zu Winterwanderwege in Lech
» Übersicht Sommeraktivitäten in Lech

Please note that if you want to take the bus for a part of the way, dogs must wear a muzzle on all public transports.

The municipality of Lech is very keen on our hiking trails and there are trash cans and dog waste bags available everywhere along the trails - please help us ensure that our trails remain so beautiful and clean! If you need more bags, you can get them from us.

Our two Spinone Italiano also get along wonderfully with their conspecifics - that's why we also offer dog sitting on request. (For this purpose, the landlady has completed the basic cynological training for professional dog care and has lifelong dog experience).

Our dogs

Our 4 legged family members are 2 Spinone Italiano Tosca is already a mature girl, she lets newcomers know who is the boss in the house, but then shows a big-hearted dog soul! Lorenzo, "Il Principe" is a charmer who wraps everyone around his finger.

Sometimes it just bothers anywhere

Should your dog ever need a vet we recommend the Tschabrunn Veterinary Clinic in Nüziders: https://www.tierklinik-tschabrun.com

Finally time!

Good dog training is based on relaxed togetherness - so the vacation would be a good opportunity to maybe fix bad habits or just learn something new. On request, you can also book individual training lessons with Barbara Jochum.

Simply E-Mail to info(at)muggengrat.at

On request, we offer your dog

  • A dog bed (with a blanket, which of course is cleaned after each guest)
  • Food and water bowl
  • Dog bags for big business
  • Towels for "dog weather"
  • Dog sitter service (only by appointment!)
  • Training units for masters or mistresses (sometimes unloved quirks have crept in or commands have to be rebuilt again and when, if not on vacation you have time to work on it in peace)

Mit Hunde im Winterurlaub
Was für ein Hundeleben - Urlaub mit Hunden in Lech
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